Bromo ❤️

hihihihi long time no post
i hv a lot story to share. a very very late post...
first,  i want to say thankyou to god, i got a great experience in 2014.
Ok. Here u go

"untuk pertama kali ke malang bareng temen2 naik kereta".
in january, 31 2014 we left jakarta by MATARMAJA train, from stasiun senen. huh we got lesson from pasar sanen bcs my friend Cilla just lost her iphone at stasiun senen, so for u guys who want to traveling must be carefull and watch ur belonging.
after had been sitting 16 hours on the train gausa di bayangin :( we finally arrived at malang. but the long journey wasn't that bad bcs i had funny friends to make me laugh a long the way.
the first day in malang. february, 1 2014
we went to madakaripura waterfall. it was really great. madakaripura had seven waterfalls and caves. We should walking through the rocks and small river, and finally reached the end of waterfall 


madakaripura waterfall

it was almost dark so we decided to left madakaripura bfr the sun goes down.

Then, we arrived at kaki gunung bromo. We were all tired and we spent the night for sleep.
It was to cold to take a bath. So i didn't take a bath for 2 days LOL kidding, alhamdulillah ada air panas di penginapannya, jd bisa mandi walau cuma siram2.

On the next day. We woke up at 2am, and we went to mt bromo by jeep. we were so unlucky bcs the rain was falling down, It felt very cold,  i layered my jackets i still freezing tho

I was a bit worry bcs the rain still falling down. And.... 

Huhuhu can't describe how sad my feeling when we can't saw the sunrise :( 
The sun didn't come. It was our mistake who chose to vacation during the glooming season :"
It made us very sad but another view of gunung bromo were amazing and stolen our heart tho :") jadi kita gak kecewa2 bgt laaah.
cila vermut ira niken ica cimau zulfa santi sastia verin
our jeep

Then we hiding to another puncak bromo to saw kawah bromo.
We went up through tangga by jalan kaki. tangga nya tinggi bgt (jgn pernah pake docmart, berat bgt <---- oneng)

and we went to bukit telletubbies bfr back to jakarta.


After we were done packing, we left bromo and went to stasiun.
We felt so tired, rasanya mau cepet2 sampe rumah. Tapi....
Our train were stopped by FLOOD at stasiun pekalongan. Huhuhuhu we had been sitting on the train around 24 hours :( gausah dibayangin. 

Hahaha but it was amazing experience, and i love u guys. C u on another trip❤️


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