Another amazing trip from Semarang-Karimunjawa❤️

I want to share my beauuuuty unexpected trip. 

June,22 2014
My bestfriends Verin, santi, and laras was come to semarang. I had been waiting for a long time and finally they come over  hihu i love u guys so much❤️ i miss u guys huhu.
We had a short trip in semarang. we didn't have many time bcs we had an early morning bus travel to catch on the next day, so we just went to sam poo kong kuil, lawang sewu, kota lama,
and masjid agung.
kuil sam poo kong
santi niken verin laras
my pretty girls
kota lama
kota lama
gereja blenduk
masjid agung semarang
masjid agung semarang

On the next day, we woke up at 3 am then went to bus travel after solat subuh.
we continued our journey to Karimun jawa yeyyyy. So excited to share our journey in karimunjawa HIHUHI... Okay, back again. We went to jepara by bus travel that cost 50thousand rupiah.
We arrived at jepara at around 11am, kita ketemuan sama mas2 travelnya dulu, dan nunggu kapal untuk nyebrang dari jepara ke pulau karimunjawa. Then we left jepara at 12pm. 
Kita naik kapal yg cepet. It spend times around 4 hours. That cost around.... 150thousand rupiah, i'm not sure bcs i forgot. 
And finally we arrived at karimunjawa, so many tourist in there wkwkwk. 
karimunjawa island

When we got there a car was ready to pick up us, and take us to homestay. The price we had to pay for our stay there was only around 50-100thousand rupiah/day (include breakfast and dinner :D) Nenek dirumah itu juga baik bgt :") kangen deh. You can find a lot of cheap homestay in karimunjawa :D and i think the room was okay, had a kingbed or couple bed, fan-cooled, and the room was quite comfort and clear.
Oiya. Yg paling penting dan harus kalian tau. listrick in karimunjawa just on at 6pm-6am. So we should literally save the battery of handphone and camera :" huhu
After unpacking our stuff, we walked out to reach the port. The port was near from homestay. There was a shipboard to pick up as and the others member of our travel was already arrived. We had late lunch in shipboard. 
Of course, in the middle on the way i took a lot a pict. 
so beauty right?
But i think that picture still can discribe how amazing karimunjawa.

I was enjoying the view when we were arrive at some island, there was no one people living, so u can feel like "this is my island" wqwqwq 
We took a time for snorkeling.
snorkling time
very very pretty
We got a pretty sunrise when we was snorkeling❤️❤️
The sun was going down and the sky will be dark. So we decided to back to homestay. 
so amazinggg

At the night we walked out to alun-alun karimunjawa. In the way, we was enjoying the beautiful stars on the sky. It was really really beauuuutifullll. In alun-alun there was so many cheap warung2, they shell seafood and jajanan with friendly price. 

In the next morning, we heading to another island in karimunjawa by shipboard, and we had been snorkeling(again). Ohyaa, we did not forget to brought the sunblock, bcs none of us wanted to risk our skin. 
mas mas di sebelah laras boeng
pardon my fat :(

my pretty girls
missing this moment that much

huhuhuhu i miss that place

After had bbq for lunch, we hiding to penangkaran hiu :D
You can take a picture with hiu, penyu, or another sea animal, but u have to pay around 5000k, i'm not sure bcs i forgot he he. 
There was also have a watersport lyk bananaboat. 
After we spent our happiest times at penangkaran hiu, kita snorkeling lg hahaha snorkeling trs sampe item :"D

In the next morning, we had a free time bfr back to semarang, so we dicided to explore the island. Then... we got a UNFORGETABLE memorries.
Lagi jalan2 asik gitu, rencananya mau ke puncak, trs bisa liat pemandangan dari atas, pas di jalan. Ada dua ekor anjing. Gak lama, anjingnya lari ngejar kita, huh sampe tongsis patah dan celana robek :" trs di tolongin sm ibu2 yg lg masak. LOL.

Trus kita cuma duduk2 karena lelah di kejar anjing dan nunggu kapal buat balik ke semarang :"D i miss that moment

Goodbye karimunjawa and see you on another day :")


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