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November, 7-8 2014 Uts was already done.
a couple of my friends and i thought we should go out somewhere bcs we were bored and we need refreshing after a long exam.  Dieng sounds perfect for us to have a quick gateway. So the next morning we left semarang by alam indah bus, the pay i had for the bus was 50thousand rupiah.  I very enjoyed the bus ride on my way to banjarnegara bcs te view was really great. It took us around 5 hours to arrived at banjarnegara. Then we went to barly's, after we were unpacking our stuff at barly's, we walked out for lunch. Barly took us to "es dawet ayu asli banjarnegara" that cost around 5thousand rupiah, after had a best es dawet HEHE we heading to "bakso dan mie ayam hj si doel", if you're going to banjarnegara, u have to try bakso dan mie ayam hj si doel, the taste was really yumm.  That cost u have to pay for bakso or mie ayam around 10thousand rupiah+++ but i'm not sure about it bcs i forgot he he. 
we spent our f…

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