November, 7-8 2014
Uts was already done.
a couple of my friends and i thought we should go out somewhere bcs we were bored and we need refreshing after a long exam. 
Dieng sounds perfect for us to have a quick gateway.
So the next morning we left semarang by alam indah bus, the pay i had for the bus was 50thousand rupiah. 
I very enjoyed the bus ride on my way to banjarnegara bcs te view was really great.
It took us around 5 hours to arrived at banjarnegara. Then we went to barly's, after we were unpacking our stuff at barly's, we walked out for lunch. Barly took us to "es dawet ayu asli banjarnegara" that cost around 5thousand rupiah, after had a best es dawet HEHE we heading to "bakso dan mie ayam hj si doel", if you're going to banjarnegara, u have to try bakso dan mie ayam hj si doel, the taste was really yumm.  That cost u have to pay for bakso or mie ayam around 10thousand rupiah+++ but i'm not sure about it bcs i forgot he he. 
es dawet ayu asli
mie ayam dan bakso hj doel

we spent our first night at barly's. Had a talking and laughing bfr we were fall asleep wkwkwk,gosip gosip.
Tbh, banjarnegara was a great place to stay. For u who need to escape hahahaha. Kyk kota mati sepi bgt.

The next day, we woke up at 2am and prepared our logistics
barly, natasha, niken
Yeaa we were ready for hiking LOL

A friend of barly (reza and combro(wisnu)) picked us and we went together to dieng. 
It took us 1 hours to arrived at dieng by car. It was very cold. My hand was shaking i had wearing gloves tho. 
At 3 am we were started to hike up for going to the top summit sikunir. 
There was very crowded, so many people. Macet banget jadinya, nanjak aja macet huhu. I recommend u to do not hike in a weekend u if you're going to sikunir anytime soon.
bagus yaa? sesungguhnya ini yg dimaksud dengan macet wkwkkwkw
The sky almost bright, but seems a little bit gloomy, so i had worried. 
we reached te top of sikunir, and the view was so beautifull. 
My worried become true, we couldn't see the sunrise :( ( SELALU AJA MATAHARINYA GAMAU KELIATAN KALO NAIK GUNUNG HUHU)
But it didnt break my heart, the view from top was totally amazing. 
niken tasha barly
Reza, combro, me, barly, and tasha
(i miss u guys)

After enjoyed our happiest time and had popmie for breakfast, we left sikunir and we countinued walking to candi arjuna, dieng. we bought a fried potato, the taste was so yumm hwhw. 
tasha niken barly

We didn't forgot to visit the popular lake on dieng wqwq "telaga warna" 
Telaga warna was very pretty.
U guys can see how beauty telaga warna from batu pandang but u have to pay 10k rupiah 

Bcs we had bus travel to catch on the night so we decided to left and back to banjarnegara. If only i had more time i would have stayed and go up to mount prau...
In the middle on our way we made a stop  for one of wonosobo famous culinary wich was "mie ongklok" :D 

Makasih barly udah mau numpang niken dirumah barly hehe, makasih reza dan combro udah mau nganter dan jd guide sekaligus jagain kita di dieng :)
It was only 2 days trip but a very memorable one hihihi see u guys on the next trip :D XOXO


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